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I always get people telling me “Gina I want to come to Italy and thrift with you” Well, you can! 



Put on your comfy shoes and come feel what its like to be a Modern Thrifter in the Old World. I have itineraries spanning all over Northern Italy. And these itineraries are constantly growing.

What does a Modern Thrifter in the Old World itinerary generally look, taste and feel like?



Well, Early bird gets the good vintage so coffee in the most historic bar around with the freshest bomboloni and cappucino, espresso whatever is neccessario to get you hyped up for market.



I do most my exploring on foot to really get the feel of a city, its streets,  people, market and vendors. Come with very open eyes, ears and bellies! If the beauty of these city walks is not engraved into your brain you can take pics.



Here at market we will thrift alongside one another. I will help you shop, get the mirror just where you need it to see if the dress is too grandma or not or blow the persuasive vendors cover  if the intricate medallion  is really  80s and not the 1800s.



I will introduce you to my trusty vendors who I have gotten to know over the years who will surely make you giggle and show you things that are even cooler than what you might see strolling through the Uffizi.



You’ll get the the low-down on how and when to barter and how to recognize age and authenticity of products at market.



Depending on the size of markets they usually take a few hours to comb so we can to lunch in the best Osteria in town meaning the oldest, coolest and the thriftiest. Expect benches, awesome interiors, old Italiani shooting the shit and house wine!




Taking a break from market is always a good idea too to reflect on purchases. The amount of things you will want to buy can be overwhelming it I good to take a breath and go back and get a last minute bargains that  thing you really wanted .



Since vendors are forever moving its is challenging to be in the right place at the right time for a market. However it has been over 10 years that I have been mapping out and visiting and buying at street, antique, and flea markets all over the country and I have since built a life and livelihood around them.  So I look forward to sharing this very alternative Italian shopping experience with you some day!

Send me and email at and I will start building your itinerary today!


8 thoughts on “market shopping tours

  1. I love your blog, as you know I have shopped your store and purchase many items there and back here in the states. Everyone has been very happy and loved the antique necklaces and bracelets I have purchased. Just wanted to say thank you once again. Look forward to seeing you sometime in the future.

  2. We met you a couple weeks ago while shopping for those fun necklaces. The couple from San Diego hugging the woman from Santa Barbara. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and wish I could hang out at those places to peruse all those goodies. I sent your link to the other friends who also shopped for the necklaces so they can see what fun we could have the next time we go. Continued fun!

    • Oh how wonderful! I am so glad you reconnected with me, and are now following me around on my adventures. Necklace making is in full swing, so my writing has slowed down, I apologize. Thank you for sharing too! Gina

  3. Hey Gina,

    I am loving my vintage necklace that you customized for me this fall in Monterosso. I get many compliments and feel so great wearing it. I am very interested in these thrifting tours you are offering.I’d love to thrift with you. I wonder if you could email me some specifics such as days of the week costs, etc.

    mille grazie!

  4. Hi. I will be in Genoa and cinque terra June 15-22. I’d love to do a shopping trip. Which area has the best Markets? I’d love vintage designer items and jewelry. Can you email me some info and how much you charge to plan a trip. Thanks!!

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